Patient SET™ Message to Healthcare Providers

This Patient SET™ "Satisfaction Every Time" is an online video Provider CME and Nursing eduction series available through The Sullivan Group.

*Patient Satisfaction has emerged as one of the most important aspects of medical training in today's healthcare environment. Patients are not only demanding it, they are researching hospital and provider satisfaction ratings to make sure others have had a positive experience prior to seeking medical care themselves. Despite this high public demand and potential hospital revenue loss from poor patient satisfaction scores, the medical community is doing a poor job of training our healthcare providers how to successfully satisfy our patients.

It is critical to implement best practices in patient satisfaction in order to prevent lawsuits, improve the satisfaction of both the patient and provider, and obtain the highest HCAHPS scores for CMS payments and patient satisfaction scores. The Sullivan Group Online Patient SET™ Program includes online CME education that provides a framework for practitioners to deliver consistent, compassionate care to patients in all healthcare settings. We explain why patient satisfaction techniques are critical in today's healthcare environment, and introduce an evidence-based Patient SET™ List, a systematic approach to patient encounters that is organized into three stages of care. High quality video examples with professional actors demonstrate both the wrong way and the correct way to communicate with patients.