• Patient Experience Becomes a Point of Emphasis

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    It comes as no surprise that a better patient experience in the medical setting has risen on the demand list for individuals.  More and more consumers rate their hospital treatment as successful not only if the quality of care is exceptional, but also if they have been treated with a high level of respect and concern.   As for the hospital staff involved with a patient encounter, there are several reasons to strive for the highest level of care: It is the right thing to do. All patients deserve the best treatment possible. Hospitals need to encourage repeat “customers.” Medical care has become very competitive and facilities are rated more transparently than ever before. Hospitals now can have reimbursement money for Medicare patients withheld for sub-par performance.  CNOs, CMOs, and Department Heads will hold the underperforming staff members accountable. Higher quality of care will enhance an individual's job satisfaction and security.   The same type of public demand for improvement that exists in such divergent areas as education, financial institutions, and even restaurants (to name a few), now has permeated the medical industry.  Striving to improve care is a reality that must be dealt with immediately.

    Dr. Doug Finefrock is a leading national specialist in improving the Patient Experience and HCAHPS scores.  His Patient SET™ Program "Satisfaction Every Time" with The Sullivan Group includes physician CME and nursing CE online video courses that provide scalable communication training for healthcare workers.