• HCAHPS – The Hospital Perspective

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    Patient experience / patient satisfaction is one of the top 3 priorities of hospitals over the next 3 years, according to the March 2011 Beryl Institute survey of 790 hospital executives. HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) has become the national standard for collecting or publicly reporting patients’ perspectives of care information that would enable valid comparisons made across all hospitals. The HCAHPS survey is the metric used by Medicare to determine reimbursements to hospitals for patient discharges.   The results of this 27-question survey potentially could deprive a hospital of up to $100 per patient discharge if its measured score falls below the benchmark for all hospitals. This easily could amount to hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year in many hospitals.   The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act has made this patient evaluation a reality, no matter whether we agree with the concept or not. Since the patient evaluation directly affects a hospital’s bottom line, there will be an immediate effort to protect, and even enhance, the reimbursement the hospital will receive.

    Dr. Doug Finefrock is a leading national specialist in improving the Patient Experience and HCAHPS scores.  His Patient SET™ Program "Satisfaction Every Time" with The Sullivan Group includes physician CME and nursing CE online video courses that provide scalable communication training for healthcare workers.